A lot of people ask us, how did you start this magazine and what makes you different?

Well here's our answer:

After the success of our leaflet distribution service where, due to our excellent reputation

for reliability and results we were overloaded with requests to deliver leaflets, we realised

that we needed to find another way for companies to advertise their business/event in a

way which still gave them the return they expected, was cost effective but was easier to


A slip featuring adverts from a few companies which would hold a set of leaflets was our

initial thought, but after putting out some feelers we realised the demand for a community

magazine was huge. This was a new community and it was desperately needed! 


This led to the birth of our community magazine. The magazine is partnered with the

popular community Facebook Page, Friends of Buckshaw Village.

                                                                           The market is saturated with brochures which are loaded with                                                                                                          advertisements and nothing else; this isn't what we wanted to offer. We                                                                                        wanted to differentiate ourselves from these and offer our readers                                                                                                something that they looked forward to receiving each month and that                                                                                           contained information they wanted to read.

                                                                            Our community magazine is now read by approximately 15,000 people each month and is well respected. We carefully balance advertisements with community information and updates, and our advertisers tell us they benefit greatly from being included in our publication.

The 'Friends of Buckshaw Village' community magazine is an A5 glossy booklet in full colour, and each issue includes on average around 56 pages. 

Residents from within Buckshaw and in the surrounding villages are using

the magazine increasingly to source local information and offers.

The magazine is a great way for companies to save money on marketing

costs, as our prices include the cost of both the printing of the magazine

and also the distribution. This provides excellent value for money and is

one of the many reasons why our magazine is growing!

Having compared them to other publications, we have found our prices

to be extremely favourable.

We also deliver leaflets/flyers, menus, brochures and much more, so if

you’d like to book onto any of our drops then please feel free to contact

us and we’ll book you in.

Advertising in our magazine affords you the ability to change your advert as often as you wish, as long as we receive your artwork before our deadline. 

Would you like to advertise in our next issue?
Contact us now and we'll get you included!