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A Covid Update On Our Community Centre

With the recent relaxing of the guidelines which allow many places to operate in a way they were familiar with before the pandemic, RMG have updated the restrictions that were in place at Unity Place Community Centre.

There no longer needs to be a 30 minute gap between sessions.

Specific covid risk assessments are no longer required.

There are no longer number limits for groups; this is now at the group leaders discretion.

The use of masks is no longer a requirement while moving through the centre; this is up to individual users discretion.

During this period the following measures will remain in place.

Separate entrances for the main hall and meeting room. The main hall being on the Rose Whittle Avenue side of the centre, and the meeting room entrance being the car park side. However, you can now pass through the internal doors to access the toilets at the centre.

Cleaning spray and blue roll will still be provided to clean any major touch points in your session.

The toilets will reopen in due course once a few issues have been rectified. Users can continue to use the disabled toilet as previously.

It’s great that life is starting to feel like we’re getting back to some kind of normality.