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An Update On Buckshaw Parkway

Now that Council meetings are underway following the elections back in May, we have been attempting to get the ball rolling on resolving the long-standing car parking challenges at Buckshaw Parkway.

Whilst acutely aware that parking demands, especially initially, may have changed following the pandemic and possible changes to office / home split for some residents, we wanted to start understanding the obstacles to getting this resolved and what options are available, whilst demand settles down into the new (or old) norm.

Following a question by Aidy on behalf of the team at July’s Full Council meeting at Chorley Council, Chorley Council have agreed to release to us the Feasibility Study and supporting documentation, Officer recommendations and the Funding Opportunities explored. As soon as we receive these documents and can update further we will do so on facebook.com/BuckshawWhittle, and we also hope to be able to share this with you in a future issue of the Friends of Buckshaw Village magazine.

Councillors Aidy Riggott, Christine Turner and John Walker