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Buckshaw Vaccination Programme - Update

With thanks to Dr N J Muttucumaru, Owner & Clinical Lead.

As the weather finally takes a turn for the better, it is great to hear the news of the latest stage of the gradual relaxation of restrictions imposed by the Government to combat the Covid pandemic. It is so uplifting and beneficial both mentally and physically to be able to have more opportunity to get outdoors and enjoy the spring and summer sunshine. It’s clear that the national vaccination programme has played a huge role in the increasingly successful battle against Covid–19, and we are honoured to have been able to play our part.

We are also very pleased that due to the programme’s success, we have now been able to start drawing up detailed plans to gradually reopen Buckshaw Village Surgery and all our other surgeries across the group. Our aim is of course to move as quickly as possible to something approaching normal operation. This will be assisted in part by the forthcoming move, at a date still to be confirmed, of vaccine operations to a site in Leyland and an end to BVS being used as a dedicated vaccination centre, as has been the case since January.

I cannot emphasise enough that this will be a careful phased reopening, strictly in line with Government guidelines and with patient safety as the absolute priority. However, it does give patients an opportunity to now come forward and have any medical issues which have arisen during the lockdown fully checked. I’m referring to chest problems, bowel issues, or indeed any other symptom which patients may have experienced and which up to now they have, for obvious reasons, been unable or unwilling to come forward to have checked by a GP or other clinician.

I would also urge patients to come forward with any problems such as anxiety issues or weight gain which may have been triggered or worsened by the lockdown. And if you do have an issue you think may need attention, please be aware that we now have a new phone system in operation at Buckshaw and at all our sites across the group, which offers greatly enhanced capacity and capability. This system should make it much easier for you to access appointments and information.

Finally, I would just like to say how happy I am that we do at last appear to be coming through this pandemic. We have done so together and now let’s work together on getting back to normality and resuming normal service.