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Enjoy The Summer Holidays But Make Sure You Stay Safe, Especially In The Heat

Summer is well and truly here and the hot weather we’ve had this past few weeks has been crazy! With the kids out of school enjoying their summer holidays, we’re sure you’ve some really exciting things planned for all the family to enjoy!

North West Ambulance Service are currently experiencing a really high number of calls related to the hot weather and issues that have arisen from swimming in open water.

“We are asking everyone to take extra care to make sure their holidays don’t get spoiled by harm or injury.

As the temperatures rise, so do the number of 999 calls we receive, the public are reminded to only dial in the event of a life-threatening or potentially life-threatening emergency.

For those in need of urgent medical help but it’s not an emergency, NHS 111 Online is available to offer expert advice. It can direct you to where you can find the most appropriate care or you may get a call back from a nurse.”

Here are some top tips to help stay safe throughout the summer months:

  • Drinks lots of water to keep yourself hydrated throughout the day.

  • Keep out of the sun and stay in the shade where possible.

  • Wear sunscreen & sunglasses to protect your skin and eyes.

  • Look out for others and check that they’re okay, especially the elderly and young children.

  • Never leave babies and young children or animals in a parked vehicle.

Thinking of cooling down and going for a swim?

  • Always remember to be careful and advise your friends and family to do the same; do not swim where it isn’t permitted. There are so many hidden dangers lurking under the surface.

  • Deep and cold water, debris and underwater currents can result in drowning.

  • Unsupervised open water is a major issue for people swimming in, including reservoirs, canals, lakes and rivers.

  • Make sure you’re watching your children both in and out of the water to ensure they’re safe at all times.

  • If you’re not a confident swimmer or you’re out in a boat, canoe or kayak, make sure you’re wearing a life jacket.

  • If you see someone in difficulty, ring 999 immediately.

We hope you have a relaxed and safe summer break!

Sun Cream Ratings: What Does SPF Mean?

According to Nivea, SPF (or sun protection factor) means how much longer you can stay in the sun without getting sunburn, depending on your skin’s self-protection abilities.

E.g. if you can stay for 10 minutes in the sun without getting sunburned, a product with SPF 10 would multiply this “self-protection time” by 10 = 100 minutes.