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How to keep yourself safe & secure online?

Do you hate that email or the pop-up every couple of months that reminds you of the need to change your password or even worse when you have to click the dreaded reset password button? We sure do!

Do you then spend ages thinking up a new combination of words, letters and special characters to create your new password?

Or do you take the easy (and much riskier) route of just changing where the capital letter is and incrementing the number at the end by one?

Your password is the key to accessing your personal and private information, and it is the most sought-after piece of information by hackers wishing to attack computer systems.

How quick can my password be hacked?

Hackers use computers to crack passwords; they use a combination of dictionaries, leaks from already compromised accounts and common substitutions to undertake this work.

Research has identified how quickly passwords can be hacked and the following gives a clear indication of this.

To keep yourself safe online, used a long password which includes numbers, upper and lower case letters and symbols. The longer the password, the safer you will be!