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Let’s All Shop Local & Support Local

Although we have just seen the lockdown restrictions extended into at least July, the successful roll out of the Covid-19 vaccination has brought light at the end of the tunnel and brings us closer to the end of the pandemic we have all endured.

However, as we look forward to a gradual return to normality, we should be mindful of the warning that the UK could potentially fall into an economic recession. As if it wasn’t important enough already to support local businesses, we are now facing the reality of supporting them now or losing them for good!

There are all kinds of reasons to support local and this isn’t confined to businesses within any single sector or industry. All aspects of trade can benefit from the support of a loyal and local customer, but in turn, this can then also directly benefit the customer, their wider community and our overall environment.

A high percentage of takings at a local or independent business finds its way back into the local economy elsewhere. There are all kinds of hypothetical scenarios based around an idea showing that when local traders earn money, then go and spend it elsewhere within the locality and money stays local, going from A to B to C and so on. Along that line, local people are remaining employed and they in turn go on to spend a percentage of their earnings locally.

The knock-on effect of local shops being successful is that they are potentially generating employment opportunities for local people. This success can also have the ability to inspire local entrepreneurs and if they can see the potential of developing or growing a business, they are more likely to set one up locally and again, this all contributes to the health and success of the local economy.

By supporting local businesses, you are safeguarding the character and diversity of the local area. A High Street with a wide variety of shops and businesses collectively attracts more customers to an area and prevents local customers feeling the need to trade anywhere else if its readily available on their doorstep. The range of shops may also become a lifeline for local people who are not able to travel away from the community for whatever reason.

Support local, promote local and help your community thrive.