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Below Is A Great Example Of A Project We Have Worked On, If You've Any Questions, Please Do Get In Touch.


A Brand That's Designed To Last!

We had the pleasure of working with the team over at XTPack UK who are part of one of the world's leading waste baling systems.

From creating the logo to building their website, we have been on-hand to help with all of their marketing and branding needs.


Logo Design

Creating the logo concept for XTPack UK was a challenge we loved and are delighted with the finished outcome. The logo was hand drawn by our in-house design team and later created in Adobe Illustrator.

Since the logo was released, there has been some fantastic feedback from customers who really like the simplicity yet boldness the logo holds.


A Website That Works

We were tasked by the team to build a website that not only was a great advert for XTPack UK but also boasted all of the different types of baling equipment and accessories they offer. Combined with this were the addition of the distributor and in-depth enquiry / quote form to ensure the team have all the information they need when enquiries come in.

The site itself contains many other great sections such as the FAQ’s, a blog and a fantastic insight into what life is like being part of one of the UK's leading Waste & Baler suppliers.

When users are visiting the product pages, we designed a downloadable PDF document for each individual product giving the potential customers the exact specification of the item in question allowing them to make an informed decision if this was suitable for their needs.

But what if they’re un-sure exactly what they need?

We added a ‘live chat’ feature to the site which helps users ask any questions and receive a response within seconds - the record is 12!

The beauty of this is how simple yet effectively the whole system runs, XTPack UK are notified via their app that a message has been sent and can respond as if it’s a text message.


Monthly Support

We don’t just build websites and leave customers to run these themselves, we offer a wide range of support and monthly management packages to suit all budgets which help companies such as XTPack UK to modify the content on their pages whilst ensuring that their updates don’t affect the running of the site or how it loads.

Our support package takes the stress away from worrying things may go wrong and ensures the site is regularly backed up, updated and performing well in all areas.


The result from working with Green Man Marketing: A website that brings in enquiries and delivers a ROI!

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