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The creation of Green Man Marketing

So who are Green Man Marketing and how did you come about?

Well.. Green Man Marketing has been created as a one stop shop to help find a solution to all of your marketing needs, whether you're looking to have an advert designed, a new logo made, a website created or business cards printed.. Green Man Marketing are able to offer you a service you can be assured that will leave you a very happy customer!

Green Man Marketing was first thought of in around April 2017 after Harry Longworth (Owner) had a conversation with his father on his plans for after he finished his A-Levels at Runshaw College later that year.

It was clear to both that Harry had larger ambitions for his current business where he designed, printed and delivered a community magazine to over 15,000 readers each month along with delivering hundreds of thousands of leaflets each year to properties in his local area of Chorley, Lancashire and that he wanted to take the company forward rather than abandon it whilst he extended his studies where he had offers to study Business at some of the countries leading Universities.

So the idea was there, we just needed a name...

I'm not sure if you are familiar with Buckshaw Village itself but it's based in Lancashire and used to be home to one of the many ROF sites back in WWII, believe it or not, the bouncing bomb was actually created where we are based today!

If you'd like more information on the history of our village, plase feel free to check out our community website we have developed for you:

At the top end of our village lives a very tall originally white statue which was built in a joint partnership with Barratt and Redrow homes to mark the creation of this new and rapidly growing village.

However after a failed attempted to grown plants up his arms and legs, the moss turned the statue green.

To locals this become known as the 'Green Man' and I'm sure you can see why with the image below.

In 2008 Harry and his family moved onto Buckshaw Village from their home in Chorley. The decision to move seemed to be the right one at the time and is still proving to have been an excellent choice.

It was clear from the start that something about this village was different from other villages, their was a real community spirit already developing and everyone was so excited to see their own village grow.

9 years later and Buckshaw Village is now home to two schools, a train station, two community centers, its own retirement village, hundreds of businesses, it's own community magazine and so much more!

So when Harry had a sit down and a long think about the possibility of expanding from his community magazine, he decided to keep that community element in his new business and try and in a way, stay in touch with his village by naming his company after the 'Green Man'.

By using Harry's interests and experience in both digi

tal and print marketing, as of the 1st September 2017, Green Man Marketing was born!

Our logo encompasses the Green Man in a more updated and stylish version but not forgetting that Green element.

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