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It’s Our Third Birthday!!

Well it’s here, the ‘Friends Of’ Buckshaw Village community magazine is now 3!!! We’ve had a number of different paths we’ve taken over the past three years, we started off with the front cover as the ‘Friends Of’ Buckshaw Village tree where we would change the colour of the strip running around the outside to show it was a different issue. Our first Christmas edition featured a Christmas tree on the front cover and a wonderful ‘Who Are You & What Do You Do’ article from our Village Vicar, James Gwyn-Thomas.

Over the years we’ve had so many different companies benefit from advertising in our community magazine and many of the companies who advertised in our first ever issue, still advertise with us today! Over the years we have kept adding to the community content to make sure our readers aren’t just receiving a magazine through their doors which is filled with just adverts and nothing to read, the articles ensure the magazines are kept and used by our wonderful readers.More recently, we have changed the front cover to feature an image of somewhere on Buckshaw Village, this has been supported by our Annual Photographic Competition, you can find out more information on this on page 4.

Then last month we have rebranded the whole magazine to give it a new, fresh and modern look whilst making sure we still have everything our readers love included!

Over the past three years, I’d like to personally thank all of the readers who have picked up and read our community magazine, if it wasn’t for you, we couldn’t keep our magazine running. I’d also like to thank all of our wonderful content writers, you help to make sure our readers have something to learn about in each issue. And finally a huge thank you to all of the advertisers who support our magazine each and every month! Over the years, we have included adverts from companies of all types and sizes, from barbershops and gardeners to national and international companies. What’s been your favourite issue so far?

Here’s to Next Year!