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Buckshaw Village Rickshaw Campaign

A group for the community, in the community!

Local businesses and residents headed over to The Retirement Village on Friday 14th June to help ‘get the wheels moving” on an exciting new project.

Buckshaw Village Rickshaws is a community partnership set up to help raise funds for three battery-powered rickshaws.

Once purchased, these rickshaws will be ridden by volunteers from around Buckshaw who will take residents from the Retirement Village out and about.

Community Pioneer Andrew Kesiak from BVChurch along with the Retirement Village partnered together to launch the initiative and ensure that a vision became reality.

The launch event kicked-off at Market Square in The Lodge with photos, interviews and a raffle. In the afternoon residents enjoyed a rickshaw ride with stops at Costa, KFC Drive-thru, Merlin Cycles and even a power pedal up the dairy aisle of Tesco. Plus who could forget the cheers from Trinity Primary children and staff?

Andrew Kesiak explains “Buckshaw Rickshaws draws together not just our community but all the core values of those partners involved. It’s about breaking down walls, bringing generations together, increasing quality of life, reducing isolation and above everything else - showing that each and every person on this village matters and is valued”

Susan Bell, Market Square Co-ordinator from The Lodge adds “this is an exciting partnership venture for us, bringing people of different generations, lived experiences and circumstances together to further enrich both the Retirement Village and wider Buckshaw community”

The future is dazzling for Buckshaw Village Rickshaws and plans are already being made for future fundraising events.

Do keep an eye on the Facebook pages below for all the latest news.

Ways you could help?

You can help show your support and be a part of this venture by:

● Attending future launch events and spreading the word via social media, community groups, businesses and contacts.

● Pledging to offer your time when we get our first rickshaw

.● Sponsoring or part-funding a Rickshaw.

● Donating an affordable cash amount via the JustGiving link.

How just one rickshaw can make a difference

Buckshaw Village Rickshaws seized the opportunity to borrow a rickshaw for the day on the 14th June from an amazing lady called Anna.

She helps run The Breverton Group which recently raised enough money to buy their own rickshaw in Lytham St Annes. This is used to give free cycle rides to both the elderly and young adults with complex health needs. Anna jumped at the chance to bring her rickshaw over and treat some of the residents from our Retirement Village, to a ride out.

One of the residents said,

“it has been the best ride of my life”.

Another amazing resident, who had not spoken much for a few weeks enjoyed the ride so much that they began to engage with Anna (the cyclist) and have quality and meaningful interactions with all the team around.

There were many more encouraging and precious stories that came from the sample rickshaw ride.

Raising money for their own rickshaws will not just get residents out into the wider community but give them a smile and a story to take back with them afterwards.

We’d like to thank all those who have kindly donated so far!

How You Can Get In Touch & Support Us:

For donations please visit: If you’d like to get involved call 01772 625 000 and ask for Susan Bell or 07716 302 680 and ask for Andrew Kesiak Visit our Facebook page: @bvrickshaws @thelodgebuckshaw @BuckshawRetirementVillage

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