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About Us

A Vibrant & Trusted Marketing Agency Based In The Heart Of Chorley

A Big Hello From Us To You!

Are you looking for a marketing agency that you can trust?

We have built Green Man Marketing to provide companies of all shapes and sizes with fantastic prices and a level of service that's second to none!

So What's The Story Behind Green Man Marketing?

Green Man Marketing Office - Buckshaw Village, Chorley
Harry Longworth - Leaflet Delivery Chorley
Green Man Marketing Office - Buckshaw Village, Chorley (3)
Green Man Marketing Office - Buckshaw Village, Chorley (4))
Green Man Marketing Office - Buckshaw Village, Chorley (2)
We started out in 2013 delivering leaflets across Buckshaw Village and now we're helping to promote some of the most well known companies, across the UK... so how did this all happen?

Our leaflet deliveries quickly become popular as companies could have their literature delivered at great prices!

Due to their popularity, we re-formatted the drops into a local magazine so companies could still advertise in a way that didn't mean residents were receiving lots with leaflets through their doors. 

Our magazine included lots of local news as well as a number of adverts from local businesses - our first magazine was just 12 pages & there 'Friends of Buckshaw Village' was born! 

Fast forward a few years later, we were continuing to grow 'Friends of' as well as designing and printing marketing material for lots of local businesses.

But we knew there was more to come & didn't want to stop there!

However, Harry Longworth (owner of Green Man Marketing) was turning 18 and the chance to go to University was on the cards.

After thinking everything over, he made the decision to further develop his business interests and grouped these already very popular services into Green Man Marketing.. and years later, what a decision that was!

After a lot of hard work, we have created what we in-front of you today, our own fully fledged marketing agency based in the heart of our beloved village & we couldn't be happier!

Our Story
Meet The Team

Meet The Green Man Team...

We're experts in our fields and specialise in local advertising, design & print marketing, all things social and so much more!
Our Mission
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What's Our Mission?

Here at Green Man Marketing, our mission has been the same since day one.

'To offer all companies amazing results, at great prices with an unrivaled level of customer service.'

That's the Green Man Marketing way!

Our Values

Our Values

We pride ourselves on working to a set of clear and simple values which allow us to get the best possible results for our clients.


We strive to offer you a service that will return the best results possible.

We are experienced in a number of services and have worked on a range of projects giving us lots of great experience in lots of different markets.

Because of our previous work, we offer clients an honest assessment of their campaigns to ensure they receive the best return possible.



We live by the belief that trust is a top priority and value here at Green Man Marketing.

Clients trust us with their brand image and we want to deliver them the best prices, service and results possible!

Often the projects we work on contain information and ideas which are exclusive to our client and our NDA's mean we keep these confidential at all times.



We love what we do and get so excited to see campaigns come to life.

We get a real buzz out of seeing the results we can generate for our clients and how these can grow and develop their businesses.

At Green Man Marketing, we are very passionate about the work we carry out - it's what continues to motivate us! 

Why Green Man

Why Green Man?

If you know Buckshaw Village, you may know why...

In our beloved village sits a 9m tall statue that believe it or not started off white. The residents attempted to grow plants up it to make the then 'White Man' a focal point of the local area.

But.. this plan didn't work & dyed the statue green due to the moss that grew!

Nowadays, the 'Green Man' is a symbol of the community & all things local; here at Green Man Marketing that's what we are all about!

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