Est. 2021

Advertise your business to 15,000 homes in Leyland

The 'Friends of Leyland' Community Magazine is a great cost-effective way for businesses to advertise themselves locally through a magazine that's much more than just adverts!

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Why Friends of Leyland?

Our reputable wide range of services have allowed us the opportunity to work with companies of all shapes & sizes, from new start up’s to established national & international organisations.

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Magazine used & loved by our readers


Houses delivered to over a 3 month delivery cycle


Advert design with any

& every booking

Putting your business in front of

new potential customers!

The Friends of Leyland Community Magazine is delivered to 15,000 properties in Leyland, this is split into a 3 month delivery cycle where one of our three areas each month will receive their copy. Our areas can be seen in the below guides:

With each edition of the Friends of Buckshaw Village & Friends of Leyland Community Magazines we deliver a limited number of leaflets.

This is a great additional cost effective way to promote your business locally!