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Monthly Packages from just £49

We have developed a range of packages that work perfectly for businesses of all shapes and sizes that can provide some fantastic results.

By taking up one of our packages, we leave you with lots more time to do what you do best; supporting and helping both your new & existing customers.

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What Social Media platforms do we manage?

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How does our monthly management process & packages work?




Step 1

We'll have a chat directly with you and learn more about your business and identify your goals through using social media for your business




Step 2

We have three primary packages you're able to choose from and all of these can be tailored to match your exact needs & budget so let's see which will work best for you

Step 4

Dependent on which pages we have been commissioned to build, we will add in the various advanced development features such as automatic replies, FAQ's and many more

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Step 3

Once we have the content agreed, we can then start building or re-designing the pages for your business and mapping out how these will look & feel for the user

Online Shopping




Step 5

Together we then review each element on the page/s to ensure this is working correctly and make any final amendments before this is published

Paying with a Phone



Step 6

Once we have everything signed off, we can push the button and publish the page/s so as you can start interacting with new and existing customers

Frequently Asked Social Media Questions

Is social media right for my business?

YES, YES & YES!! No matter what type of business you are, having a social media presence is essential to drive enquiries.

Can I tell you what I want posting?

Of course! We have customers who send us post ideas and images to edit & share and others who leave it all down to us to post, share & engage.

What kind of posts would you put on my social media pages?

It is completley dependent on the market you're in and the type of results you're trying to get out of your social media pages. The most important rule we work to is to keep the posts different and engaging, when posting something onto your page, ask yourself the question of is this something you & your customers would be interested in reading/looking at, if not then maybe switch up the post into one that you would. We managing a page, we invest significant amounts of our time researching the latest trends and tools available on the different platforms, the images we can source and share along with the software we use to design your posts really do provide some fantastic results!

How much does it cost for an account to be set up?

We currently have social media accounts that can be set up or designed for you from just £59. We also offer discounts when multiple pages are set up at once so please head to our contact page, fill in the form and let us know which pages you would like our team to create and develop for you & we will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

How often would you post?

This is dependent on the amount you need as a business and the package you choose. We find posting regularly works well but each platform & business type differs - it also depends on your goal with your socials but for most businesses, this is to keep users engaged and wanting to interact with your page, we set up a posting calendar for each page we work work to ensure everything is properly planned out and posted correctly.

What social media pages can you set up?

We work with all of the most popular platforms, these include:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
But we can also set up the many more including YouTube channels.

How will my posts be created?

We set ourselves up as an admin on the page meaning we're able to post, reply to message, review the analytics and much more.
We invest significant amounts of our time researching the latest trends and tools available on the different platforms, the images we can source and share along with the software we use to design your posts.

Contact us & let's start posting

As specialists in Marketing & Advertising, we have come to know the do’s & don’ts of all things Social Media, and now we’re here to help you and your business grow!

Our process involves creating and sharing eye-catching content to build trust, improve brand recognition and create leads for our clients.

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